Sacred Heart Hospital

The best care comes from the heart.


On the advent of its 70th year serving the Eugene-Springfield area, Sacred Heart Medical Center thought it was time to re-examine its image. Research showed that many Lane County residents viewed Sacred Heart as being more about high tech and surgical procedures than about helping patients. Our goal was to humanize the hospital’s image by adopting a more heart-felt approach.


As creative director and senior writer on the account, I developed the campaign theme “The Best Care Comes From the Heart” to help focus on the human aspect of health care (and, of course, capitalize on the “heart” in the Sacred Heart name). In the resulting campaign, Sacred Heart was positioned as a warm and caring institution, staffed by approachable doctors and nurses who care about their patients and the community they serve.


Thanks to their new ad campaign, Sacred Heart Medical Center now enjoys a healthier image in the community. The institution is viewed as being human, caring and compassionate.

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