Alpenrose Dairy

Faster from the pasture.

Alpenrose Dairy. Daryle Rico Creative Serivces


Alpenrose Dairy is the oldest family-owned dairy in Portland, and faces stiff competition for shelf space with larger regional brands such as Darigold and Safeway’s Lucerne. Both, of which, are shipped to market from hundreds of miles away.


We positioned Alpenrose as the local dairy that delivers the freshest dairy products available. The tone and manner of the advertising was fun and whimsical, in keeping with the dairy’s reputation as a friendly corporate citizen.


The theme line “Faster from the Pasture” was developed to underscore the dairy’s ability to rush its products from farm to store, fresh the same day. Bus tail posters featuring whimsical cartoons of Alpenrose dairy cows personally delivering their milk to local food stores helped drive the message home. The client even had a cartoon illustrated for the company Christmas card that year.


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