About me

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I’m an award-winning writer and web designer with over 20 years of experience at my keyboard. I’ve worked with a broad range of clients in most every industry you can name, including retail, B2B, consumer products and non-profit organizations.Clients and agencies come to me for a wide range of creative and copy writing services including advertising, websites, commercials, brochures, Kickstarter projects, and social media campaigns.

I began my career in marketing and advertising developing ads and promotional materials for local grocery store chains, food product manufacturers, and the area’s largest electric utility. I later worked at a couple of ad agencies that specialized in business-to-business marketing, where I was able to expand my creative repertoire and learn how business decision-makers think.

I have also worked on the client side of the business as both a creative director and a director of marketing for several national retail and non-profit organizations. These experiences have defined my creative style and honed my marketing expertise.

I presently make my home in Portland, Oregon.

If you’d like to speak with a few of my current or past clients, just let me know. I’ll send you the nice ones.

What Can I Do For You?

Creative Services

Web Design
Social Media
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Sales Collateral
eMail and Direct Mail
Water Closet
Search Engine Optimization

Blogs I Write

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Northwest Interpreters
Studio 25 Decor
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Be Good Monster
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Rico Rambles
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