Danner Boot Company

Because the law says you can’t shoot from your truck.

Challenge: Previous Danner advertising was getting lost in a sea of footwear advertising that had dozens of marketers all trying to “out-Nike” one another. Our goal was to create a family of ads for hiking, hunting, and fishing enthusiasts as well as the military community that would break away from the competitive pack.

Solution: We positioned Danner as an American boot maker that knows how its customers think. Featuring the boot as the hero, each ad screamed for attention with bold, colloquial headlines. The tone and attitude of the campaign was uniquely Danner: Clever, hip and slightly irreverent. Highly-targeted print media was utilized to reach Danner’s many diverse audiences.

Results: The resulting ad campaign earned creative recognition on both a local and national level, and propelled Danner to top-of-mind status in several boot categories. In all, some 14 different full-page ads were produced for this highly memorable campaign.

Danner Boot Company ad, from the creative portfolio of Daryle Rico Creative Services Danner Boot Company "Nirvana" ad by Daryle Rico Creative Services Danner Boot Company "USMC" ad by Daryle Rico Creative Services Danner Boot Company "The Law Says You Can't Shoot From Your Truck," by Daryle Rico Creative Services

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