So, you want to build a website?


Tips for building affordable websites

If you want to have a dramatic presence on the Web without spending an arm and a leg for it, I recommend a Content Management System (CMS) type of website. More specifically, WordPress.  A WordPress site allows you to completely control your site once I’ve worked my magic. That means you’ll be able to make your own changes as needed without having to hire an expensive programmer. (Then again, if you want me to maintain your website for you, we can work out something that’s affordable to you.) But believe me, if you can handle a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, you can probably handle WordPress.

Basic development of a Wordpress website includes the following:

  • A fully interactive website built upon a Responsive Design. This ensure that your website will be easily read across a wide range of digital devices, from desktop computers and tablets to the latest Smart phones.
  • Original copy for all pages of your website. (It pays to have a professional writer write your site – like yours truly – as they’ll know how to make effective use of keywords to make your site more attractive to search engines.)
  • 1 Blog (This is an optional feature, based on how you wish to use your website.)
  • 1 Contact form. (If you want to know more about your website visitors than just their name and email address.)
  • 1 Custom form (if desired). (These are typically used to pre-qualify clients and prospects.)
  • Email setup for up to 5 accounts.
  • Plug-ins and widgets (These are the features that add extra functionality to your website.)
  • Custom SEO for all website pages. (SEO is the magic that makes it easier for Internet users and search engine robots to find you on the Web.)
  • Google Analytics setup. (So you can track the effectiveness of your website and determine which pages are most popular with your customers.)
  • Website verification on the top search engines: Bing, Google and Yahoo.
  • I can also assist with setting up web hosting for your account and registering your domain name. (Trust me, not all web hosting companies are the same, and you usually get what you pay for!)

Ecommerce sites

If you want to sell products online, a WordPress site will work just fine for you. (You can check out a few examples of some e-commerce sites I’ve built in WordPress on the Web Design page of my portfolio.) An ecommerce site includes all of the aforementioned plus:

  • Set up on the WordPress/Woocommerce platform (products, shipping, taxes, cart set up, etc.)
  • Set up of a Store on your website
  • Set up of a PayPal payment portal (or other payment portal, if you prefer).
  • Product pages and product descriptions for up to 25 items. (Remember, I’m a professional wordsmith, with over twenty years of experience working with top retail clothing brands and consumer products.)

How the process works

  • Once you have chosen a design theme, the graphic look and feel of your site will be extended to the remaining pages of your site. This will ensure that your website has a cohesive look and feel to it.
  • As your web designer, I will need login credentials for your web hosting service as well as Dropbox, or wherever else you host your images.
  • Just before your site goes live, you will receive WordPress login credentials and one hour of WordPress training to manage your account (if desired).


So, how much is all of this going to cost you? Well, no two websites are exactly alike, and pricing varies from site to site. But as a general rule, a simple Blog site generally takes less time to build than a full blown ecommerce site. Prices range from a low of about $500-700 for a simple site to around $1,200 and up for an ecommerce site. Prices do not include the cost for original photography or artwork (such as a logo), domain name registration or monthly web hosting.

Sound good? Let’s get started. Just drop me an email or pick up the phone.

Web Hosting

Want to save a few bucks on great web hosting service? I recommend Host Armada to all my clients. Their hosting service is extremely reliable and their technical support is second to none – and trust me, I’ve dealt with most of them. Be wary of the bargain basement web hosting services. As with most things, you get what you pay for.

Ready to get started?

I’d love to chat about your project. Drop me a note and let’s get started.

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